The girl came around when we threw water on her face.

I'm not sure what's wrong with that.

I'm not going to tell him that.

I'm a little skeptical.


If I don't come back, the venture will probably be unsuccessful.

Which one would you choose?

I really miss my wife.


I was just doing some reading.


Now, said Mr Wood.


Who do you think will be elected president of the USA?

Men tend to be more overconfident than women.

The company went bankrupt.

Have you seen them around?

Manolis stayed at home all day.

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You can do that, can't you?

I'll teach you what you need to know.

Bring your children along.


I resent that.

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Gypsy realized he was alone.

We're only thirty minutes away.

If I'm willing to take the risk, I don't see why you should care whether I do it or not.

You've had your fun.

Line up in single file.


In ancient times, plagues killed many people.

All parents like to have their children praised.

When are you going to meet Nou's parents?


According to the paper, there was an earthquake in Mexico.

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Do you have a guilty conscience?


Merton seemed particularly interested in that 1939 Gibson guitar we have hanging on the back wall of the shop.

A language is never foreign.

The others played, but Stan just looked on.


They were both so charming, and they loved each other so much, that every one was delighted at the match.

I bet Juri doesn't make it on time.

I'm completely over it.

Are you two hungry?

The woman calls the man.

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What was Heinrich describing?

Let's start the ball rolling.

Please let me explain.

The apples were sold out.

I outsmarted Stewart.

I basically like your plan.

I won't be home for a week.

It's very important that I talk to Frank.

You have no right to give me orders.

I've detected a big mistake.

I waited for hours, but she didn't show up.

What am I going to do with you?

Emily has friends from various countries.


That explains a lot.


I thought you'd be at the bar.


English is a required class.


I don't understand what's happening.

Rudy helped me wash my car.

He's a climate change denier.

Your father seems very nice.

I don't take them seriously.

After all, he was persuaded to run for President.

Only yesterday did I know the fact.

And then, what did you do?

Do you see that boy over there?

Those twins are identical, not only their faces, but also in their characters.

I'll be able to assist you.

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It doesn't annoy me.

I like to eat Korean food.

I think that there is water under the table.


I like the teacher.

Except for Bill, they were all in time.

I thought that he had already finished the work.

Have you already paid for everything?

You should wait inside.

I don't think this is the time or place for that.

Those's was the only phone number Blair had.

You've already drunk mummy's milk. Don't cry, please go sleepy-sleep.

Ask her to lend me a little money.

He was looking forward to spending the weekend with her in their little cottage in Somerset.

What seems simple to you seems complex to me.

Boyce is an expert on animal behavior.

Speak into the microphone.

You've done a lot of good.

Rich is catching on.

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I used to know Bernard quite well.

I'd like to confirm my reservation for the 30th.

We're just wasting time.

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He always wanted to study Japanese.

He squeezed her shoulders.

Ahmed is objective, isn't he?

Kamel will listen to you.

Robbin has a tight schedule.

What should I do about Liyuan?

Dana's sentences are very long.


Are you fit?

And he sees himself as a sailor.

It's impossible to change it now.

Get everything.

He drinks tea and listens to music.

Her decision to move to Chicago surprised us.

I enjoy his company.

Written in plain English, the book is suitable for beginners.

Ask me anything you want to know about Boston.

Patty didn't think about Lars.

He has to be stopped.


He claimed to be an expert in finance.

He reached for an English-Japanese dictionary on the desk.

Nathaniel feels insecure about his future.

My mother often suffers from headaches.

When Hawking graduated from college in 1962, he began studying for a Ph.D. in physics.

Stephe didn't like Kemal.

May I borrow your car?

Would you do it?

I'm supposed to be in bed.

Archie looked around at his coworkers.

Tomorrow is Christmas.

Briggs was a bit puzzled by Aaron's answer.

Alfred has a pure heart.

Which would you like: coffee or tea?

We don't really know why.

Ram and I have never been photographed together.

We're here for Miki.

She could also hire a car.

I am going to the market.

How much was the additional charge?

I'm going to make a pot of coffee.

I am excited about our new Turkish course.

Would you like to come in?

Hello Miss!

I suggest you listen carefully.


When William Herschel discovered Uranus, he at first thought he had discovered a comet.


I like to fish in the river.

No one expected him to announce his candidacy again.

He said he had bought that book there the day before.

"I slept in and missed my scheduled interview. I feel like such a nincompoop."

Please delete this file.

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You can't see my house from here.


He always goes to work at 8:00 a.m.

She has a distinct English accent.

How's it going at school?


Listen and listen carefully.

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He has the ability to speak ten languages.


Wendi is really talented.


She may have gone out to do some shopping.

Here's the money I owe you.

Bruce paid way too much for that old car.

I knew I'd find you with her.

That's plain enough, isn't it?

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I've got one for you.

I asked him if he had enjoyed himself the day before.

I didn't accept to add comic books to the school library.

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Tell me; who is this young man?

She never saw him.

The fire was out.

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It's too high.

What are Piercarlo and Sofia here for?

I'm not that good at writing songs.


She was sticking her tongue out.

The salesman talked my parents into buying a set of encyclopedias.

We've learned that that's OK.

This chocolate is very sweet and delicious.

I was poor at English.


Each man's pay will be in proportion to his work.

You're the one who picked the fight.

It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the year, and the snow was falling fast.

I am interested in taking pictures.

Everybody has to start somewhere.